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Suggestions for FSGS Patients Without Any Sign of Recovery

Question: Hello, sir. My wife is suffering from FSGS and after several test conducted and medicine used there is no sign of recovery. Kindly guide me f

How to Make Abnormal Kidneys Normal for FSGS Patients

Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is a kidney disease that can lead to glomerulosclerosis and kidney failure. How to make abnormal kidneys norm

Kidney Function Is Dropping Quickly for FSGS Patients: What to Do

I have FSGS. My kidney function is dropping quickly in these days. What to do? For some patients, they may meet the similar condition before, so I will

FSGS: Am I on the Right Track of Treatment

Question: I have a kidney biopsy with an indication of secondary FSGS and 1670mg/24 hours protein in the urine. Dr prescribed me Wysolone 60mg/day and

FSGS: Can I Live Healthily if I Remove the Sick Kidney

Question: I am a chronic kidney disease patient (FSGS). And my questions is: can I live healthily if I remove the sick kidney? Answer: Compared to othe

FSGS, Proteinuria 500mg, Creatinine Stable: How to Get Better

Question: I have problem of FSGS. It was identified in April this year. Am taking treatment of steroids. My proteinuria decreases to 4000mg to 500 now.

Can FSGS Patients Eat High Potassium

Potassium is mineral that body needs to work normally. Can FSGS patients eat high potassium? Read on to learn more information. Some FSGS patients need

What Causes the Fluctuation of GFR for FSGS Patients

Question: I have focal segmental glomerulosclerosis. GFR jumped from 19 to 11 to 17. What causes the fluctuation in this? I have read that once the dam

What Are the Chances of Kidney Failure for FSGS Patients

Question: Hi. I was wondering if you could tell me if minimal change disease can progress to FSGS if not treated? If so; what are the chances of kidney

Creatinine 5.2: Is It A Must to Start Dialysis for FSGS Patients

Hi. I went to my kidney doctor today. He says I have FSGS. My creatinine was 5.2. He suggested me prepare for dialysis. Is it a must to start dialysis?

Can You Use Olive Oil with FSGS

Olive oil is known as liquid gold, which can bring you a number of health benefits. Can you use olive oil with FSGS? After reading this article, you wi

What Precautions Should We Take for Early Recovery with FSGS

FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis) is a medical condition in which some parts of glomeruli become scarred. What precautions should we take for e

FSGS, Creatinine 3 and GFR 28: How to Keep Myself Fit

Question: I am suffering from FSGS. My creatinine is 3, and GFR is 28. Can you please advice me how to keep myself fit? Thank you. Answer: From your de

FSGS: Kidney Failed Again After Transplant

It is common to see the transplanted kidney fails again for FSGS patients. If you do not want to experience recurrence, you should set up a good blood

Diet for FSGS Patients with Kidney Function 30%

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to consult us. What can I help you? Patient: I have FSGS. My kidney function is about 30%. I need help. I have not been on any d