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7 External Therapies of Traditional Chinese Medicine

7 External Therapies of Traditional Chinese Medicine is also our characteristic treatment. They are often used as supplementary therapies. When 4M treatment does not take effect or their therapeutic effect is not obvious, they are applied.

steam therapy

Steam Therapy

It is to boil certain herbs in hot water. The active ingredients of herbs will become ion, which can go into your body through pores in skin when you expose yourself into such steam. It can help you:
-Expand the blood vessels of skin to speed up blood circulation.
-Remove stasis to improve blood circulation
-Make you sweat so that waste products in your body can be passed out
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2.Medicated Full Bath

Medicated Full Bath

It is to immerse your whole body into the diluted medicinal soup. It also makes use of the properties of skin to help you:
-Dredging the channels
-Perspire to expel toxins
-Stimulate urine output to relieve swelling and remove waste products out of the body.

3.Circle Therapy

Circle Therapy

It is to utilize processed herbs to draw circles on certain acupoints. This therapy can help you:
-Draw toxins out of the body so as to prevent their accumulation in body and reduce the workload of your kidneys.
-Recover the normal function of lung and spleen to help flush out the excess fluid from your body.
-Stimulate acupoints and recover the qi flowing through the channels to help kidney self-healing.
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It is to insert long thin needles into certain acupoints. This therapy can help you:
-Enhance endocrine balance to activate the production of antibodies so as to strengthen your immunity.
-Improve blood circulation and remove blood stasis to improve ischemia and anoxia.
-Regulate cytokines to inhibit the overactive inflammatory reaction in the kidneys so as to prevent further kidney damage.
-Lower blood pressure
-Relive back pain, headache, etc.
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It is to burning of mugwort, a small, spongy herb to facilitate healing. To achieve a better therapeutic effect. It is often used together with acupuncture. This therapy can help you:
-Expel cold and warm the meridians, which leads to smoother flow of blood and qi.
-Strengthen your immunity to help you fight against the disease.
-Relieve edema
-Alleviate joint pain, back pain


Acupoint application

It is to apply some processed herbs into certain acupoints. This therapy can help you:
-Ease joint pain
-Relieve leg pain and back pain
-Eliminate fatigue
-Alleviate rheumatoid arthritis
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7.Enema Therapy

Enema Therapy

It is to infiltrate the medicinal soup into the intestinal tract with the help of cetain devices. This therapy can help you:
-Improve bowel movement
-Improve the function of intestinal tract. Intestinal tract is closely associated with lung. And lung is related with kidney. Therefore, it helps improve kidney function.
-Remove excess fluid from body to relieve edema
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If you are interested in the above 7 external therapies and want to improve kidney function, you can send your medical test report to igacure@gmail.com. After analyzing your case, our doctors can help you make a comprehensive treatment plan for free.

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