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Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis, can be reversed at the early stage. We offer the overview of FSGS basics, treatment, Symptoms ﹠ Complication and Healthy Livings.

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Can Kids Outgrow FSGS

Can Kids Outgrow FSGSFSGS can be found in any age, but it is more common in children and adolescent. It is said that morbidity in children is as high as 7%-15%. Can kids outgrow FSGS? Most parents care about such a question. In this article, we will have a brief introduction.

The scarred glomeruli can not be repaired, which means FSGS can not be cured. But treatment can slow down the progression to kidney failure. But everyone is different in how they respond to treatment. Some patients respond well to treatment and may live with FSGS for many years while being monitored for any signs of change, while some patients get worse gradually until they reach kidney failure. Therefore, it is difficult for us to say whether kids can outgrow FSGS or not. It depends on the treatment you receive.

How is FSGS treated?

Treatments for FSGS include steroids and other immunosuppressants. These drugs can decrease proteinuria and improve kidney function. Besides, treatment to control blood pressure and blood cholesterol level is needed, because they increase the risk of heart disease, the main cause of death for kidney patients. ACEI and ARB are often used to reduce the protein loss and blood pressure. Diuretics are used to help the body get rid of excess fluid and swelling as well as lower your blood pressure.

However, these medicine has many side effects if used for long-term, especially steroids. It may even affect the normal growth of children. In order to live a normal life, you had better choose some natural remedies for kids when the symptoms are brought under control.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are thousands of herbs and external therapies. Some of them can draw out toxins from the blood. Some can remove blood stasis. Some can dilate blood vessels. With the improvement of blood circulation, kidneys can get enough oxygen and nutrients. What is more, there are medications and therapies to inhibit kidney inflammation and stop kidney fibrosis.

With treatment of TCM, the body of kids will become balanced and harmonious and then it is possible for them to outgrow FSGS and live a full life.

Hope the above information is helpful for you. If you have any other questions on kidney disease or want to get more personalized and professional treatment suggestions, please leave a message below.







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