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Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis, can be reversed at the early stage. We offer the overview of FSGS basics, treatment, Symptoms ﹠ Complication and Healthy Livings.

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Healthy Living for FSGS Patients

FSGS patients should carefully prepare their food and live a healthy life each day as their kidneys got much damage. So what is healthy living for FSGS patients? In my opinion it includes many aspects such as: healthy diet, daily activities, life habits, and a state of mind.

1. Forming a healthy habit:

First, you are strictly prohibited smoking and drinking alcohol a lot. Because large amount of alcohol and smoke will elevate the blood pressure and strengthen the burden on the kidney which will affect the kidney function.

Second, you had better early to bed and early to rise.

Third, you need pay attention to your personal hygiene.

2. Maintaining a proper diet:

Your diet plays an important role in your health. As FSGS patients, you need to make some changes on your diet and eating the right kinds of foods!

Limiting protein intake is one thing for all the FSGS patients need to follow. Also, you need low-salt intake and low-sugar intake for each meal. Correct amounts of protein and fluid intake are important according to your doctor recommendations. However, you must guarantee the enough vitamin. So if they can’t get enough vitamin from vegetables and fruits, they need to eat some vitamin supplements instead.

3. Holding on to daily activities:

FSGS patients need to hold on to some mild activities for improvement of the kidney function. Some exercise is necessary and a must-be for patients. Such as jogging, swimming, a morning stroll.

4. Keeping a good state of mind:

For any FSGS patients, they all need to keep a good state of mind, and be optimistic about their conditions. They should take various kinds of activities for relax. In all we need to regulate and enrich our lifestyle and be in a good mood everyday for a healthy living.

For other beneficial tips about healthy living for FSGS patients, you can leave a message below or email us to igacure@gmail.com.

Hope the above information is helpful for you. If you have any other questions on kidney disease or want to get more personalized and professional treatment suggestions, please leave a message below.







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