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Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis, can be reversed at the early stage. We offer the overview of FSGS basics, treatment, Symptoms ﹠ Complication and Healthy Livings.

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Will FSGS Cause Elevation of PTH

Question: My husband has FSGS and his PTH is very high. What is PTH? And is there any relationship between it and FSGS?

Answer: The following is the answer for questions: what is PTH? Is there any relationship between high PTH and FSGS? And will FSGS cause elevation of PTH?

What is PTH?

PTH is the abbreviation of Parathyroid Hormone which is a substance secreted by the chief cells of the parathyroid glands and in charge of the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. In our body, with the help of PTH, renal tubules reabsorb calcium, so as to reduce the leakage of calcium in urine. The secretion of PTH is usually affected by the serum calcium and for people with elevated PTH, they are easily to develop various bone problems like bone pain, bone fracture and osteoporosis.

What is the relationship between high PTH and FSGS?

Clinical studies report long-term and uncontrolled high PTH can cause kidney problem and also renal insufficiency can cause elevation of PTH. Therefore, for patients to both FSGS and elevated PTH, they need to find out which illness condition firstly appears and then take corresponding measures.

Will FSGS cause elevation of PTH?

FSGS is a kidney problem and diagnosed on the basis of renal biopsy which analyzing kidney condition by taking a tiny kidney tissue out of the body. It helps to learn about kidney, but meanwhile causes damages on kidney. Therefore, it is not suggested for patients whose kidney problem is in a very severe stage. High PTH condition is not very common among FSGS patients, but in some cases, they indeed experience elevation of PTH due to impaired kidney function. Under such a condition, they need to get their elevated PTH lowered down, so as to prevent further deterioration of kidney condition.

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