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IgA Nephropathy

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Is IgA Nephropathy Hereditary

Question: My wife has IgA Nephropathy, could the children get it?

Is IgA Nephropathy HereditaryAnswer: This question has been asked by many people. But there is no definite answer. Some people think that IgA Nephropathy is not hereditary, while some other think IgA Nephropathy is hereditary. Now let’s have a general look at this question.

IgA Nephropathy is not hereditary.

People holding to such opinion think that IgA Nephropathy is triggered by personal factors, such as infection, cold, upper respiratory infection, etc. Some people do not take these disease seriously and they think their body can gradually recover even without treatment. But if you catch cold in the winter, your body seldom discharges toxins from skin. Too much toxins in the body will increase the workload of kidneys, damaging kidneys easily.

In terms of symptoms and predisposing factors, IgA Nephropathy is a defective immune system disease. Hematuria, high blood pressure and edema are the common symptoms. And frequent inflammation, cold and amygdalitis are the common inducement. On the other hand, IgA Nephropathy is caused by IgA depositing in the glomerular mesangial area. The deposited IgA is not hereditary.

IgA Nephropathy is hereditary.

A recent sample survey of IgA Nephropathy patients indicates that some patients has family history. This proves that IgA Nephropathy is hereditary to certain extent. Besides, IgA Nephropathy is associated with human leucocyte antigen B35, DR4 and B12, which can be inherited. Moreover, IgA Nephropathy patients often have the immune response gene defects.

From the above, we can draw out the conclusion that IgA Nephropathy may be hereditary, but it is not necessary for you to over worry. If your wife is pregnant, what she should do is to go to the hospital for regular physical check-ups, stabilize her state of illness and it is possible for you to have a healthy baby. In our hospital, there are many particular therapies for IgA Nephropathy treatment. For more information, you can contact online doctor or leave a message below.

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Hope the above information is helpful for you. If you have any other questions on kidney disease or want to get more personalized and professional treatment suggestions, please leave a message below.







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