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IgA Nephropathy

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Berger's Disease

Berger's DiseaseBerger's disease is also named IgA Nephropathy, which is one of the causes of kidney failure. The kids and children are easier to catch this disease and there are no obvious symptoms in the early stage. Thus, the parents need to take care of their children more carefully.

Berger's disease is an immune disease. The bad habits and infections may reduce the immunity. Some toxicant bacterial and virus may have the opportunity to reach the immune system and stay in the kidneys. Glomerulus is the tools for removing the needless substances. Massive immunoglobulin A deposits in the glomerulus and break the ability of filtering. The symptoms like protein in the urine may start to appear.

High blood pressure is another symptom of Berger's disease. The damaged renal function can’t complete the normal metabolism which causes the kidneys are loss of oxygen and blood. The serious lesion will keep the body in a state of high pressure.

When the exotic substances arrive in the kidneys, the immune system will produce the inflammatory factors to fight against them. The inflammation is not a bad phenomenon at first which could clean the toxins. But if the immune system is abnormal, the inflammatory factors wouldn’t stop after driving away the toxins. It can lead to the kidney disease, such as Berger's disease.

The regular medicine may remit the symptoms in a period. But it can’t touch the root cause. That is why Berger's disease is easy to relapse. Mirco-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as a representative of Chinese medicine could help patients out of suffering. The difference from other treatments is treating the polluted blood in order to repair the lesion. Enough blood and oxygen through the blood vessels can reach kidneys and enhance the renal function.

If you still suffer from IgA Nephropathy or other kidney diseases, you may consult our online expert to know more information.

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