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IgA Nephropathy

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What Causes IgA Nephropathy On Earth

What Causes IgA Nephropathy On EarthIgA Nephropathy is a kidney disorder in which lots of IgA deposition can be found in mesangial area. It is a refractory illness and so far no cure has been found. Once being affected by IgA Nephropathy, what we can do is to stop its progression and protect residual kidney function. Well, what causes IgA Nephropathy on earth?

IgA Nephropathy is an illness associated with immune system. IgA stands for Immunoglobulin A which is an antibody that plays a critical role in mucosal immunity. In normal condition, IgA exist in our blood to help fight against invader like bacterium and virus. However, in IgA Nephropathy, due to immune disorder, large amounts of IgA which can be normal or abnormal are formed. They circulate with blood and while flowing through kidney, they deposit in mesangial area, leading to inflammation in kidney. Persistent inflammation in kidney can help to remove IgA deposition away, but clinical studies show that severe inflammation is very harmful for surrounding kidney tissues. IgA Nephropathy is diagnosed when kidneys fail to work properly due to inflammation in kidney.

IgA Nephropathy is an autoimmune disease, but in many countries, this kidney disorder is treated by controlling inflammation in kidney. This helps to protect residual kidney tissues and slow down illness progression. However, as IgA deposition is not cleared away, inflammation appears again when patients stop taking medicines or reduce medicine dose. This is the reason why IgA Nephropathy relapses frequently and easily in many cases.

In IgA Nephropathy, kidney function is impaired due to severe inflammation, so we need to block inflammation to protect residual kidney tissues. However, this is only one of the steps we need to take. Besides it, we also need to normalize immune system as well as eliminate IgA from mesangial area and blood. Only in this way, can inflammation be prevented fundamentally and also can illness progression be stopped permanently.

Lastly, finding out the real cause of kidney damages in IgA Nephropathy is very important, as it guides our clinical treatment. Only treats IgA Nephropathy on the basis of its cause, can we get satisfactory treatment effects.

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