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How Long Can Patient With IgA Nephropathy Live?

IgA NephropathyIgA Nephropathy attracts a lot of attention in the world. Many people want to know the lifetime when he gets IgA Nephropathy. So what is the answer on earth?

With partial regional results tailed, the morbidity of IgA Nephropathy is 26% to 39.5%. 1% to 2% patients may develop into uremia. This kind of renal disease occurs in any ages, mostly in teenagers. The lifetime is related to the state of the illness in detail.

Hematuresis is the cardinal symptom of IgA Nephropathy, which usually occurs with cold or infections and easily relapses. The situation decides the difficulty of recovery. Another symptom is protein in the urine. In clinic, continuous and massive protein may cause renal failure (protein>3.5g/24h).

High blood pressure is the third hazards. The hypertension incidence of patients with IgA Nephropathy is 9.1%. With the process of disease progression, high blood pressure will accelerate the speed of renal failure and cause the symptoms like creatinine increasing, nausea and emesis.

The three main symptoms indicate that the lifetime is decided by specific condition. According to the data at present, 80%-90% patients could live over ten years. 4% to 20% patients are spontaneous remission and 1% to 2% cases develop into renal failure in the end.

Seasonable treatment is the key to prolong lifetime. Normative medical therapy can turn the table and stop the deterioration of kidney function. On the current situation, Chinese medicine is better than western medicine for kidney disease. Western medicine can only remit pathogenetic condition with obvious side effects. It can’t touch the root causes and easily relapses. As to Chinese medicine, curative effect can be seen visibly in a short period. Meanwhile, the cost of treatment is lower than western medicine.

IgA Nephropathy is hard to recover, but it is not an incurable disease. The lifetime could be prolonged by scientific and effective therapies. Expert on website can help you analyze your illness for free, you can Contact Us.


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