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IgA Nephropathy

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Can IgA Nephropathy Be Inherited

Can IgA Nephropathy Be InheritedCan IgA Nephropathy be inherited? Many patients with IgA Nephropathy are worried about this problem. IgA Nephropathy is a disorder of autoimmunity, which means that an antibody called IgA stacks in glomerular mesangial area. And body will make inflammatory reaction to this area. Thus, it causes kidney damage and decline of kidney function. This is how IgA Nephropathy works. Consequently, this disease has nothing to do with genes, and it won’t be inherited on most occasions. However, some special cases prove that it may be inherited. Now please see the following:

How does inheritance of IgA Nephropathy happen?

From a medical point of view, IgA Nephropathy can’t be passed down to next generation. Thus, if inheritance of IgA Nephropathy occurs on one family, it must be related to some causes such as environment and physical factors.

According to statistics, inheritance of IgA Nephropathy often occurs in some specific areas, mostly in Kentucky and parts of the Southeast of America, southern France and Italy. Thus, we can speculate that inheritance of IgA Nephropathy has something to do with races and regions. Moreover, some research about morbidity of IgA Nephropathy can support this speculation. Research shows that morbidity of IgA Nephropathy varies from one race or region to another. Asian ethnicity has the highest morbidity of IgA Nephropathy in the world. Hispanics is secondary to Asian ethnicity, and then Caucasians (seems to be relatively more common among the French) is the third. Finally, African Americans have the lowest morbidity of IgA Nephropathy. Besides, it proves that morbidity of IgA Nephropathy in American Indians is higher than that in whites.

From the above, we can know that IgA Nephropathy can be inherited. Nevertheless, patients with IgA Nephropathy don’t have to worry too much about it, because statistics indicates that more than 90% of patients with IgA Nephropathy can’t make their children inherit this disease, and only less than 10% of cases can lead to inheritance of IgA Nephropathy. If your family members have ever had IgA Nephropathy, the best way to make sure if you have it is to go to hospital and do specific examinations.

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