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What Does IgA Nephropathy Stage IV Mean?

IgA Nephropathy Stage IV IgA Nephropathy can be divided into five stages according to the severity of the medical condition. In IgA Nephropathy stage I and stage II, it totally can be cured completely by the timely treatments. Stage III becomes hard to cure but still has chance by the modern advanced technology. As to stage IV, your kidney may be scarred, which is hardly reversed. However, there are no absolute things in the world.

What Does IgA Nephropathy Stage IV Mean?

IgA Nephropathy stage IV is called glomerular diffuse mesangium proliferation and sclerosis. If see under microscope, you could know there are millions of renal filters in the kidneys. Those little filters are called glomerulus, which are the functional unit of kidneys to filter blood and toxicant substances. If those little filters are damaged, the toxins can’t be released and cause a lot of problems.

I will make an easy example to help you understand what IgA Nephropathy stage IV is. There is a tree covered with bananas. The tree means the kidneys and bananas means glomerulus. In stage III, half of the bananas are rotten. When comes to stage IV, almost bananas are decayed but not rotten completely. The end of the example is all of the bananas would be rotten in as expected, which means stage V.

What Should Patients Deal With IgA Nephropathy Stage IV?

Because the truth of stage IV is really hard to make it, that many patients can’t find a cure before illness state worse further. For the use of modern medicine, our hospital uses more than twenty years to research. Finally, we create a new treatment named Mirco-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This new therapy aims at the original causes and remits the serious symptoms. After few days, the renal function may recover and start to rebuild the renal construction.

Stage IV is the most important period of IgA Nephropathy. An effective treatment can avoid the dialysis and uremia. If you want to know more about our therapy, you can consult our online expert.


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