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IgA Nephropathy

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What is IgA Nephropathy?

IgA NephropathyIgA nephropathy, also well-known as Berger’s disease, is a primary glomerulopathy, happens when IgA deposits in the kidneys’ area. The depositions result in local inflammation over time, and they may harm your kidneys’ ability to filter waste, excess water and electrolytes. IgA kidney damage may be indicated by blood and protein in your urine, high blood pressure and edema.

IgA nephropathy develops through many years, and the causes are different from people to people. A lot of patients with IgA nephropathy may only leak blood in the urine, and others leak both blood and protein in the urine. If the leakage is too much, the hands and feet may get swelled. After few years, the kidney function would slow down and show the red flag of dangers. The symptoms like nausea, edema, fatigue, sleep problems and headaches may come up in your body. Otherwise, some patients have no slow developing disease, others may progress end-stage kidney failure which need to be dialyzed or transplanted a new kidney.

There is no cure for IgA nephropathy, but it still has some medicine or treatments for remission. Our hospital uses over twenty years to research and create new therapies. On the basis of tranditional Chinese medicine, we innovate a new treatment named after ”Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy”. It abandons old oral administration, and use external application to make the effective substances into lesion directly. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy smashes effective prescriptions into little pieces, and uses advanced equipment to help effective substances osmose into the body. Comparing with western medicine, this new therapy has no side effect and no pain.

If you have interests to know more about Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, you can consult our online expert, they will give you a detailed introduction.



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