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Why Is Coffee Bad for IgA Nephropathy

Why Is Coffee Bad for IgA NephropathyCoffee may be one of the most popular drinks in the world. When diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy, you may have to pay attention to the consumption of coffee. Because some people think that coffee is bad for IgA Nephropathy. But why is coffee bad for IgA Nephropathy? In the following, we will talk about such a topic.

Raise blood pressure

Due to kidney function impairment, IgA Nephropathy patients often have high blood pressure. There is some data show that drinking coffee frequently could have a long term chronic effect on raising the blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause damage to the kidneys and increase the risk of heart disease.


Coffee is diuretic, which means it can increasing the removal of water from the bloodstream, resulting in increased urine output. Though it seems that it can help you control edema, it can cause dehydration easily, leading to further damage to the kidneys.

Impair kidney function

Your kidneys have to work hard to remove the metabolic products produced by coffee, which is not helpful for you to preserve kidney function.

Develop kidney stone

There are a large amount of caffeine in coffee, which may modestly increase risks of developing calcium oxalate stone.

Affect sleep quality

Caffeine can make you so excited that you can not sleep well. Fatigue caused by sleepless is not good for you to recover from IgA Nephropathy and it may cause relapse frequently.

Inhibit the absorption to iron

People with IgA Nephropathy often have renal anemia. Coffee can inhibit the absorption to iron so as to worsen anemia.

Increase cholesterol level

Drinking coffee frequently may increases in cholesterol levels and proteinuria or excess amounts of protein in urine.

Because of the above factors, IgA Nephropathy patients had better avoid coffee. But when your state of illness is stable, you can drink coffee moderately. How much you can drink depends on your physical condition. For more information, please contact online doctor or leave a message.

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