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Can I Eat Green Beans With IgA Nephropathy

Can I Eat Green Beans With IgA NephropathyGreen bean is very popular on our dinner table owing to its health-beneficial functions, especially in summer. However, for IgA Nephropathy patients, will green beans do good? Or can I eat green beans with IgA Nephropathy?

Health benefits of green beans

Some IgA Nephropathy patients take green beans and hope to get impaired kidney function restored as they hold the opinion that green beans can help to treat kidney disease to some extent. As a matter of fact, it indeed shows benefits on kidney, as omega-3 fatty acids contained by green beans offer potent anti-inflammatory effects for IgA Nephropathy patients.

Green beans and IgA Nephropathy

Besides, IgA Nephropathy is a progressive kidney problem with increases IgA immune complexes in the mesangial area. These depositions do not belong to kidney originally and when they lodge in kidney, inflammation appears. In IgA Nephropathy, inflammatory response is the direct cause of kidney damages. Fortunately, due to green bean’s effective anti-inflammatory effects and with the help of it, the above responses can be stopped or blocked effectively, which is very helpful for IgA nephropathy. However, this does not mean IgA nephropathy can be treated completely.

Well, how to treat IgA Nephropathy from the root?

In order to finish this purpose, the first thing is to normalize immune system, prevent further formation of IgA immune complexes and also remove IgA immune complexes that have deposited in kidney effectively. Immunotherapy is worth to try, which has been successfully used to treat lots of kidney diseases from different countries. If you are interested in it and want to know more, please contact us immediately for free help, more details will be greatly introduced to you.

The side effects of green beans

Oxalates contained in green beans can easily build up in the body resulting in various complications, like kidney stone. Therefore, refer to the question can I eat green beans with IgA Nephropathy, not the more the better. The specific amount should depend on your own illness conditions. Send us your check report to igacure@gmail.com freely and a specialized suggestions will be told within 24 hours.

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Hope the above information is helpful for you. If you have any other questions on kidney disease or want to get more personalized and professional treatment suggestions, please leave a message below.







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