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Will A Diet Slow Down The Progression Of IgA Nephropathy

Will A Diet Slow Down The Progression Of IgA NephropathyWill a diet slow down the progression of IgA Nephropathy? As we all that diet is an essential part of our normal lives and generally speaking, for IgA Nephropathy patients, they usually have a strict diet requirement. Undoubtedly, a well-planned and proper diet indeed can help slow down the progression of IgA Nephropathy to a large degree. Well, in their daily life, what should notice? Please read on and find the answer.

Firstly, balance protein intake and have some high quality protein foods may be helpful.

What is the cause of this? Among IgA Nephropathy patients, most of them may consider that they should have more protein intake since they have lost a lot of proteins in urine. However the reality is that high protein diet can increase albumin synthesis in the liver, but at the same time, there will be more proteins leaked into the urine. High protein diet can not rectify hypoalbuminemia, on the contrary, it will worsen high perfusion, high filtration, high pressure states in the kidneys and speed up glomerular hardening and loss of kidney functions. In view of this, a low but high quality protein intake is very important. Usually daily protein intake should be controlled within 0.7-1.0g/kg and high quality protein like fresh fish, lean meat, egg white, milk, etc are all good choices for IgA Nephropathy patients.

Secondly, IgA Nephropathy patients who have severe edema and high blood pressure also should limit salt and liquids intake strictly. Avoid these foods like pickles, bacon, canned foods and processed foods try your best.

Thirdly, limit high potassium foods like banana, apple, pear, potato, orange, etc.

Fourthly, IgA Nephropathy patients should consume more fresh fruits and vegetables, but should avoid alcohol, tobacco, spicy and stimulating foods such as garlic, onion, hot pepper, etc.

In view of this, a healthy diet is very helpful for IgA Nephropathy patients, but it just can slow down its progression. If you want to treat this disease thoroughly, we suggest you to take some medical treatments. Of course, we hope can help you try our best.

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Hope the above information is helpful for you. If you have any other questions on kidney disease or want to get more personalized and professional treatment suggestions, please leave a message below.







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