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What Should IgA Nephropathy Patients Pay Attention To In Diet

What Should IgA Nephropathy Patients Pay Attention To In DietAs we all know that for IgA Nephropathy patients, they usually have strict diet requirement. But in their daily life, patients may know a little about what should IgA nephropathy patients pay attention to in diet. Don’t worry, the following gives some suggestions coming from kidney experts, which may help you greatly.

What should IgA nephropathy patients pay attention to in diet?

1. The supply of protein

IgA nephropathy patients should adjust their protein intake depending on the degree of kidney impairment. If you don’t have serious symptoms and complications, the protein intake need not be limited strictly, but not the more the better. If you would like to know the exact amount, please chat with our online doctors immediately, we will tell just based on your own illness conditions.

2. The supply of energy

Due to protein limitation in some patients, they should supplement enough energy to meet the needs of body’s normal function.

3. Limit the intake of sodium

For IgA nephropathy patients with edema ( swelling ) and high blood pressure, they should be provided less salt or even salt-free diet. But for those serious condition, the amount of salt must be controlled under 2g per day.

4. Limit the potassium intake

If IgA nephropathy patients suffering from oliguria ( the urine volume is less than 1000ml every day) at the same time, well, the foods rich in potassium like potato, banana, tomato, kelp, seaweed, animal organs, orange, tea, aginomoto,etc should be avoided strictly.

5. The liquid intake

Normally, IgA nephropathy need not limit the liquid intake in their daily life. However, when IgA nephropathy develops into uremia or renal insufficiency, they must restrict liquid intake strictly.

6. Supplement vitamins

In conclusion, a well-planned diet indeed plays an important role in slowing down the progression of IgA nephropathy. Actually, to judge whether a certain food is good for a certain person, the most important thing is to analysis what nutritions contained in this food.

Of course, If you have any other follow-up questions, please email us to igacure@gmail.com as soon as possible, we are looking forward to your consulting.

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Hope the above information is helpful for you. If you have any other questions on kidney disease or want to get more personalized and professional treatment suggestions, please leave a message below.







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