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What Type Of Food Can Be Taken With IgA Nephropathy

What Type Of Food Can Be Taken With IgA NephropathyA serious condition of Nephrotic Syndrome, IgA Nephropathy, caused by lots of immune complexes called IgA depositing in the mesangial area of glomerular. In the process of treating IgA Nephropathy, diet plays an important role. Well then, what type of food can be taken with IgA nephropathy? Follow us and try to find the answer.

1. Food of high-quality protein

As we all know that too much protein intake will make your kidney working too difficult to remove excessive wastes, toxins and more liquids from the body properly, in other words, increase the burden of kidneys. So in order to meet the body’s needs and avoid more nitrogenous waste after metabolism, foods with high-quality protein are highly suggested to IgA Nephropathy patients. Egg white, fresh fish, lean meat, milk,etc, all of these foods are good source of high-quality protein.

2. Foods of enough calories

Because intake of protein is controlled, in view of this, patients should take enough calories, otherwise the intrinsic protein will be consumed that will increase urea and even cause pneumonedema. These foods include sugar, honey, fruit drop, winter powder, and so on.

3. Foods of low-salt and low-water

Patients suffering from serious edema, high blood pressure and oliguria should take a diet without salt, and water intake should be limited in a range of 800ml-1200ml every day. In addition, some high-sodium foods like brined vegetable, preserved vegetable, salted eggs as well as fermented

bean curd and hot pickled mustard tuber also should be avoided strictly.

4. Fresh fruits and vegetables

Fresh vegetables and fruits, both of them are usually rich in vitamins, fibers, and mineral substances, which are all good to patients’ overall health. But if tests show your potassium and phosphorus level is high, you had better to pay close attention to every food before taking it or talk with your doctors carefully.

Of course, the above is not comprehensive. If you have interest to know more about what type of food can be taken with IgA nephropathy, please send an email to igacure@gmail.com or leave a message below, we are glad to help everyone in difficulties.

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Hope the above information is helpful for you. If you have any other questions on kidney disease or want to get more personalized and professional treatment suggestions, please leave a message below.







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