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Will Alcohol Affect Creatinine Level For IgA Nephropathy Patients

Will Alcohol Affect Creatinine Level For IgA Nephropathy PatientsIt is well known that moderate alcohol consumption is beneficial for our health. But for IgA nephropathy patients with high creatinine level, they may have a strict diet requirement by their doctors. Taking their health into consideration, they inevitably have some concerns, for example: will alcohol affect creatinine level for IgA nephropathy patients?

Generally speaking, giving up drinking is a wise choice for IgA nephropathy patients, because more alcohol will increase the burden of kidney. Besides, drinking frequently can raise blood pressure and the metabolism hyperfunction of creatinine in muscle which can lead to creatinine level rising. Therefore, alcohol will affect creatinine level for IgA nephropathy patients.

However, the answer is not absolute. In their daily life, they are allowed to drink a little, if their illness condition permits. Because moderate alcohol consumption can reduce the risk of heart disease by promoting blood circulation and it also is beneficial for preventing arteriosclerosis which is a big risk for IgA nephropathy patients. Besides, appropriate alcohol is good for avoiding thrombus. In addition, the people with moderate alcohol consumption can live longer than the people never drinking alcohol.

Above mentioned, alcohol will affect creatinine level for IgA nephropathy patients, but not all IgA nephropathy patients should forbid drinking alcohol. If you are indeed a alcohol lover, please send your recent check report to our online doctors or igacure@gmail.com, we will tell you whether you can drink alcohol or not just according to your special conditions.

Finally, we would like to tell you that changing life style is also essential for lowering creatinine level for IgA nephropathy patients and slowing down the illness condition progression. In a word, as long as you pay close attention to every detail in your life, you have great hope to live a longer life just as a healthy human. Best wishes to you!

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