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Can IgA Nephropathy Patients Have Sex

Can IgA Nephropathy Patients Have Sex Sexual life, for every woman and man, is very important. We can use it not only to resolve the contradiction between husband and wife, but above all, it is a direct way to have a child. However, for IgA Nephropathy patients, it is not as easy as we think, any carelessness, they may meet death. So, patients may have such a question: can IgA nephropathy patients have sex? If they can, well, what they should pay attention to? With the two questions, please read this article carefully.

Actually, in normal cases, whether for women or men patients, they are allowed to have sex. But all things have a degree. In the process, IgA nephropathy male patients need to pay attention to theirselves physical strength, please not get too tired. While female patients should have sex as long as they control the high blood pressure within the normal ranges if they really suffer from it. Honestly speaking, for most IgA nephropathy patients, pregnancy is not a difficult thing unless they have incontrollable high blood pressure and other serious complications, like heart failure, etc.

The following are some tips about sexual life if you or your lover is diagnosed with IgA nephropathy exactly, hope can help you greatly.

1. If you are in unstable or severe situation, sexual intercourse will not to be suggested in order to prevent the further deterioration of IgA nephropathy.

2. Fortunately, if you are in stage of recovery, proper sexual intercourse is suggested. But please remember never be greedy of it.

3. Sexual hygiene should be paid more attention to avoid urinary infection. You and your mate need to clean private parts carefully, before and after sex performance.

Although tips on your sexual intercourse are changeable according to the specific condition of IgA nephropathy, one thing is surely not changeable, that is, you need a timely and effective treatment as a support to remit or eliminate your troubles about can IgA nephropathy patients have sex.

Finally, any unclear about IgA nephropathy, you are welcome to talk with our online experts directly or email to igacure@gmail.com.

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