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Can IgA Nephropathy Patients Eat Pear

Can IgA Nephropathy Patients Eat Pear Pear is a common fruit and popular with the broad masses. It is named as “the ancestor of all fruits”. Besides, because it is fresh and juicy, it is also called “natural mineral water”. While, can IgA Nephropathy patients eat pear? Do not worry. The experts have given the reasonable answer, please see the following.

First of all, let us see the benefits of pear.

1. Pear is rich in vitamin B, which can protect heart, relieve fatigue, enhance myocardial energy and reduce blood pressure. In view of this, it is good for the IgA nephropathy patients as almost all the patients have the symptom of high blood pressure.

2. There are many carbohydrates and multivitamin in pear, so it can be absorbed easily and it can increase our appetite. Because the IgA nephropathy patients need to ingest rich vitamins to meet their bodies need, so pear is beneficial to them.

3. Pear contains rich pectin which can help digestion and diuresis. As the IgA nephropathy patients due to damaged kidney have difficulties in urinating. On account of this, they can eat pear.

4. Pear belongs to cold food and has the functions of clearing heat and calming. Often eating can reduce the symptom of dizziness. Given this, it also benefits the IgA nephropathy patients having the symptom of dizziness.

5. Pear also can relieve cough and reduce sputum due to its glycoside and tannic acid, which can protect throat. In this light, it also makes for the IgA nephropathy patients because they can have throat disease easily.

Though pear has many benefits for the IgA nephropathy patients, there are some notices to them.

1. They are rich in sugar, protein, potassium. But the IgA nephropathy patients need to limit the protein and potassium intake, so they should pay attention to it.

2. Because pear belongs to cold food and eating much at a time will lead to diarrhea, the patients require to limit the intake of pear.

Now you should have a clear knowledge about can the IgA nephropathy patients eat pear. If you are a really pear-lover, you should consult your doctor or ask help from our online doctor, they will answer you what is the proper amount of pear you should eat a day according to your individual condition. Best wishes!

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