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Can IgA Nephropathy Patients Eat Spinach

Can IgA Nephropathy Patients Eat SpinachSpinach is one of “green vegetables”. But we often hear that IgA Nephropathy patients can’t eat spinach. Is it real? Next, let us see “can IgA nephropathy patients eat spinach on earth”.

Firstly, spinach is rich in carotene that can translate into vitamin A in our body, which can protect our normal eyesight and enhance the ability of resisting disease. Due to the low immunity of IgA nephropathy patients, so spinach is good to them.

Secondly, spinach contains much vitamin C, calcium, iron, vitamin E. Among them, iron has good auxiliary therapy effect to iron-deficiency anemia. And some IgA nephropathy patients have the symptom of anemia, in this point, they can eat spinach.

Thirdly, spinach has abundant plant crude fiber that is beneficial to promote intestinal peristalsis and help digestion, which is also good for them.

Lastly, there are many trace elements in spinach, which can promote the metabolism of human body and build up our health. Eating much spinach can decrease the risk of stroke which is one of the symptoms of the IgA nephropathy patients. In this point, eating spinach is also beneficial to the IgA nephropathy patients.

Now that eating spinach has so many benefits to the IgA nephropathy patients, why some people say that IgA nephropathy patients can’t eat spinach. Science proves that spinach contains much oxalic acid which can form calcium oxalate that can affect the absorption of calcium by combining with calcium. So, we can’t eat spinach with the foods rich in calcium at the same time. In addition, before cooking spinach you can scald it by boiling water, which can remove eighty percent oxalic acid.

Everything has two sides, spinach is no exception. Though it has many nutrient substances, it also has adverse substance to our body.

That is all for the topic about“can IgA nephropathy patients eat spinach on earth”.If you are a lover of spinach indeed, you can consult your doctor or send your email to igacure@gmail.com, we can design a reasonable amount of it according to your individual condition. Best wishes!

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