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Can Grapes Be Eaten with IgA Nephropathy

Can Grapes Be Eaten with IgA NephropathyCan grapes be eaten with IgA Nephropathy? Grape is a good fruit option for both children and adults in summer. However, due to special physical condition and illness condition, some people can not eat grape freely. Well, for IgA Nephropathy carrier, can they eat grape?

The ways to consume grapes are endless-from red, green and purple grapes to seedless grapes, grape jelly, grape jam and grape juice. Grape has many health-benefits like it helps to reduce risk for cancer, heart problem, constipation, allergies and high blood pressure and so on. However due to its high potassium level, it is usually not suggested for IgA Nephropathy patients.

IgA Nephropathy is a kidney problem associated with immune system. In IgA Nephropathy, large amounts of IgA which can be accompanied with IgM or not are produced. They circulate in blood, and when they pass through kidney, some of them deposit in kidney. Under such a circumstance, inflammatory response appears and consequently, kidney tissues are injured.

Kidney is an organ that helps to filter blood and meanwhile maintain electrolyte balance. Potassium is a mineral that is crucial for life. It is the necessary for the heart and kidney. When we ingest too much potassium at one time, kidney will help to excrete excess one and keep potassium level in the normal range 3.5 to 5.0mEq/L. IgA Nephropathy is an illness that impairs kidney function if left alone. In some cases, due to kidney impairment, excessive potassium can not be excreted timely, as a result potassium level in blood increases. Under such a condition, IgA Nephropathy patients should avoid eating high potassium foods like grape. Besides, potassium level increases easily when kidney function is affected, but in some cases, patients may find their potassium level in blood is lower than the reference value. In that cases, grape and other high potassium foods like banana will be suggested.

In a word, whether a IgA Nephropathy patient is allowed to eat grape depends on his potassium level. If his potassium level is higher than the normal range, then he needs to avoid eating grape. However, if his potassium level is lower than the reference value, grape will be highly recommended as a potassium supplement.

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