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Can An IgA Nephropathy Patient with 14 % Kidney Function Eat Tomatoes

Question: I am an IgA Nephropathy patient. Now my kidney function is 14%. I would like to know if I can eat tomato or not.

Can An IgA Nephropathy Patient with 14 % Kidney Function Eat TomatoesAnswer: Tomato is a kind of vegetable common to see, which is packed with rich vitamins and various minerals. Eating tomatoes regularly indeed has many health benefits, for example:

-Heart disease is a common complication of kidney disease. The lycopene in tomatoes can protect you against cardiovascular diseases, because it helps decrease the levels of cholesterol and triglyceride in the blood, reducing the deposition of fats in the blood vessels.

-Vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium and iron in tomato are essential for maintaining normal health. -The Vitamin K and calcium in tomatoes can help you strengthen and perform minor repairs on the bones as well as the bone tissue.

In addition, tomato consumption are good for your skin, eyes, hair, etc.

You had better restrict the intake of potassium because of poor kidney function.

Though tomatoes have so many health benefits, it does not mean you can eat it. Tomatoes are great source of potassium. Because of your kidney function is low, excessive potassium can not be removed out of the body. In such case, if you eat too much potassium, it is likely for you to have high blood potassium level, leading to weakness, slow heart rate, abnormal heart rhythm, which can be life-threatening. Therefore, you had better limit the intake of tomatoes.

Can an IgA Nephropathy patient with 14% kidney function eat tomatoes? Yes, you can eat, but you should eat it within the allowance daily intake, which depends on your medical condition. If you would like to know more information, please send your medical test report to igacure@gmail.com. After analyzing your case, we can give you an accurate answer.

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