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How to Relive the Burning Urination with IgA Nephropathy

How to Relive the Burning Urination with IgA NephropathyRecently some IgA Nephropathy patients complain that there is pain when urine is being expelled from the bladder. How to relieve the burning urination with IgA Nephropathy?

First, let’s see what causes burning urination for IgA Nephropathy patients.

Urinary burning will occur if you experience damage or injury to any of the structures of the urinary tract, including the kidney, bladder, urethra or ureter. The common causes of burning urination may include:

-Urinary tract infection

Immunosuppressants are often prescribed for IgA Nephropathy patients to suppress the inflammatory response and reduce protein leakage. But long-term use of this kind of medicine can lower your immune system as well so as to expose you to various diseases, including urinary tract infection.

-Kidney stone

When your kidney function declines, many wastes build up in the blood. If there are a lot of oxalates in the blood, they may form into the kidney stone. When you urinate, there is burning feeling.

There may be other causes, so you had better tell your doctor when you have burning urination.

How to relieve the burning urination with IgA Nephropathy?

-If you do not have edema, you should drink plenty of water, which can help you relieve the burning feeling.

-If it is caused by UTI, antibiotics are prescribed. If it is caused by kidney stone, you should dissolve the stone as early as possible.

If you have burning urination and some other symptoms at the same time, such as pink-colored urine, difficulty urinating, urinary retention or high fever, you should seek prompt medical care.

Because IgA Nephropathy is associated with immunodeficiency, we should set about regulating the immune system. Besides, we should cleanse these inflammatory factors from the kidneys to eliminate inflammation. When IgA Nephropathy is controlled, corresponding symptoms disappear. And then you can live a normal life.

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Hope the above information is helpful for you. If you have any other questions on kidney disease or want to get more personalized and professional treatment suggestions, please leave a message below.







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