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How to Stop Blood In Urine with IgA Nephropathy

How to Stop Blood In Urine with IgA NephropathyBlood comes in the urine easily with diagnosis of IgA Nephropathy which is an autoimmune disease and said to be able to develop to kidney failure in several years. Blood urine is just a symptom of IgA Nephropathy and not deadly at all. But if it is left uncontrolled, it will accelerate illness progression. Well, how to stop blood in urine with IgA Nephropathy?

Blood is a bodily fluid that delivers necessary substances such as nutrients and oxygen to cells and transport waste products away from those same cells. Red blood cells are the most common type of blood cell. They contain hemoglobin which makes blood red. In IgA Nephropathy, blood comes in urine because excess red blood cells are lost in urine while blood flowing through kidney.

Kidney is an organ with bean-shape and plays the role of filter blood. Normally, charger barrier and mechanical barrier work together to prevent nutrients and useful substances from leaking in urine. However, in cases of IgA Nephropathy, due to severe inflammation, kidney tissues are severely damaged, which can lead to the dysfunction of charger barrier and mechanical barrier. Under such a circumstance, when blood flow through kidney, red blood cells will come into urine and make urine red.

To stop blood in urine with IgA Nephropathy, we need to repair kidney damages to recover kidney function. Immunotherapy is a comprehensive treatment which can remove blood stasis , promote renal blood circulation, alleviate renal ischemia, alleviate renal anoxia and increase kidney function. With these benefits, kidneys work better. For IgA Nephropathy patients, when their charger barrier and mechanical barrier are able to perform the renal filtration function, blood leakage is stopped and and blood in urine is stopped.

Immunotherapy is the combination of western medicine and Chinese medicine, both of which are helpful for the tight control of blood in urine in IgA Nephropathy. They are used in different treatment course to play different role. By making full use of their effects, not only blood in urine, but also protein in urine can be reduced greatly.

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