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Muscle Cramps In IgA Nephropathy

Muscle Cramps In IgA NephropathyIn IgA Nephropathy, the most common complaint of patients is muscle cramps. In most cases, these cramps occur in the calf muscles( the back of your leg, underneath your knee), but they can also occur in any group of muscles. In general, they often appear at night and can be too painful to sleep whole night of IgA Nephropathy patients. Well, if you or your lover are suffering from this terrible situation just now, the following passage may help you get rid of muscle cramps in IgA Nephropathy as early as possible.

What causes muscle cramps in IgA Nephropathy?

Here, the most important reason of muscle cramps should be deficiency of potassium due to fluid imbalance and electrolyte imbalance in IgA nephropathy. As we all know kidney is an essential organ in our body and above all, it can help to excrete excess fluid and mineral substances, thus maintain balance of fluid and electrolyte. But in IgA nephropathy, damaged kidney can not perform this work properly, leading to the imbalance of liquid and electrolyte finally.

Another possible reason for muscle cramps in IgA nephropathy may be nerve damage. Our kidney also is responsible for discharging wastes out of blood. When kidney is damaged in IgA Nephropathy, a lot of wastes will accumulate in blood which may affect nerve, thus leading to nerve damage.

How to alleviate muscle cramps in IgA nephropathy?

Generally speaking, to the situation low potassium in patients, they usually take potassium supplements to alleviate this symptom. However, those who need to take potassium supplements often notice that when they stop taking it, their muscle cramps will get worse than before. So the potassium supplements are not the best choice to alleviate the muscle cramps in IgA Nephropathy. Actually, founding out the root cause firstly is very essential for alleviating muscle cramps radically.

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