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Pernicious Anemia And IgA Nephropathy: Causes And Treatment

Both pernicious anemia and IgA Nephropathy are autoimmune disorder, in which the body’s own immune system mistakenly damages own tissues. If left uncontrolled, patients with this two serious diseases may be in real danger threatens their lives. We often hear quite a number of IgA Nephropathy patients complain that they have pernicious anemia but can do nothing about it. They may be eager to know how does IgA nephropathy cause pernicious anemia? Is there a treatment to manage patient’s anemia effectively? Don’t worry, the answer is expected to be showed in the following content.

How does IgA nephropathy cause pernicious anemia?

As we all know that everybody has two kidneys which are responsible for cleaning blood and keeping electrolyte balance in our body. As for IgA nephropathy, it is a condition where a lot of protein-IgA builds up in the kidneys and causes kidney damages, that is to say, part of patients’ kidney function loses their ability to work. As time goes on, more and more health problems will occur. Of course, anemia is one of them. Anemia is closely related to decreased production of red blood cells due to less vitamin B-12. Moreover, uncontrolled pernicious anemia must worsen patients’ condition or even may cause death of IgA nephropathy patients. In view of this, to find a timely and effective treatment to manage patient’s anemia is necessary.

How to treat pernicious anemia and IgA nephropathy?

If leave out the diet, we think the most effective way is to help patients regulate their immune system and protect the remaining kidney function. Here, Immunotherapy which can correct immune system and protect kidney function effectively is high recommended to you. As long as kidney function and immune system can be restored from the root, can all the symptoms be eliminated completely.

If you still have some questions about diet and treatment, please contact us freely. Our email: igacure@gmail.com

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