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Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for Berger's Disease

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for Berger's DiseaseBerger’s Disease, also known as IgA Nephropathy, is an autoimmune disease. It is caused by immunoglobulin A depositing in the kidneys. Because western medicine has many side effects in the long treatment course, many patients want to receive a natural treatment for IgA Nephropathy. After years’ of research and clinical practice, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital develops a series of therapies, which are good for kidney recovery, one of which is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Now let’s have a look at Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for Berger’s Disease. If you have any question, please feel free to chat with our online doctor.

How does Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy treat Berger’s Disease?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is developed from hot compress therapy. It is to put two herbal bags onto the back area. The herbs in herbal bags are fully shattered and then are immersed into the penetrants for a period of treatment so that the active ingredients of herbs can be penetrated into your body with the help of osmosis devices.

Therapeutic effect of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for IgA Nephropathy

-This therapy can expand blood vessels and block blood clotting to increase blood flow into the kidneys so as to improve ischemia and anoxia in the kidneys.

-It can decompose immune complexes in the kidneys and remove them from the body to reduce kidney inflammation.

-It can degrade extracellular matrix to stop kidney fibrosis.

-It can supplement the essential nutrients into the kidneys, such as vitamins, trace elements and amino acids to speed up kidney recovery.

After a week’s treatment, your cold limbs will become warm. Your pale skin will turn red. Your poor appetite will become good. You will feel energetic. Moreover, your urine will become cloudy, because there is floc in the urine, which is an evidence of immune complexes being discharged. Long-term treatment with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help you improve GFR, lower creatinine and reduce protein leakage, etc.

Where can you get Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for Berger’s Disease?

Nowadays you can only get Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in China. Therefore, you had to come to China to receive treatment. But in China, we are launching several branches in many cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shijiazhuang. You can choose your favorite city.

The above information is about Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for Berger’s Disease. If you would like to know more information, please contact online doctor or leave a message below.

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Hope the above information is helpful for you. If you have any other questions on kidney disease or want to get more personalized and professional treatment suggestions, please leave a message below.







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