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Three Tips Help You Avoid Chronic Kidney Disease

Three Tips Help You Avoid Chronic Kidney Disease

Nowadays, many family are bothered by chronic diseases, and many young person suffer from Three High or even Four High. In these chronic diseases, chronic kidney disease arise and the number of getting this disease increased very fast. Thus leading many people become chronic kidney disease or pre kidney disease patients. What should we do? Which method can help us avoid chronic kidney diseases? How can we protect our kidney scientifically and timely?

Yes, your attitude is right. Early precaution can avoid more.

Today, we will share you three tips to protect our kidneys.

First, we have to know the condition of our renal.

The basic function of kidney is to produce urine. And judge renal condition is not depend on weather you have back pain or not, but three basic test:

Urine test: to find protein urine, occult, blood in urine;

Blood test: mainly on serum creatinine level

Renal Type-B ultrasonic

Then, avoid actions damage kidneys.

No matter we do kidney test or not, and no matter we have kidney disease or not, avoid the actions that can cause damage to kidneys. We all know that Rome is not build in one day, chronic diseases as well. It is because our daily bad behavior and doing it in a long period, thus leading damage to our body.

Refer to the following wrong behavior can cause damage to kidneys and if you have, change it:

Prefer heavy and spicy food, especially salt food; gluttony; smoking and drinking; stay up late; do not like drink water, and often withhold urine; often catch cold, lack of exercise; druge abuse, superstition of folk prescription and so-called magic medicine.

Finally, do not often want to know which kind of food is good to kidney.

Nowadays, especially in China, there are so many so-called nourishing of good life TV-programs, WeChat Official Accounts, articles, and food. There also are many so-called food can supply kidneys, can benefit kidneys. Actually, we are all excess in energy and nutrition, keep following the guidance from official is good enough.

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Hope the above information is helpful for you. If you have any other questions on kidney disease or want to get more personalized and professional treatment suggestions, please leave a message below.







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