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IgA Nephropathy: How to Avoid Kidney Failure

IgA Nephropathy: How to Avoid Kidney FailureIgA Nephropathy is the most common glomerulonephritis. In the very beginning, people think it is benign and won’t cause any damage to health. But with the time going, this disease is not that benign. Studies show that about 30% of IgA Nephropathy patients go into kidney failure within 10-20 years. How to avoid kidney failure for IgA Nephropathy?

Who is at risk of progressing to renal failure?

1) Patients with 24-hour urinary protein quantification lasting greater than 1g

2) Patients with elevated blood pressure. Blood pressure is greater than 140/90mmhg or the blood pressure is more than 30mmHg after onset than before.

3) Patients with elevated creatinine at the time of discovery are generally considered to have a greater risk of progression with blood creatinine above 111umol/l.

4) Patients with severe pathology.

Although hematuria is a prominent manifestation of IgA Nephropathy, its severity has no definite relationship with renal failure. Many patients are obsessed with occult blood all day long, but it is better to focus on urinary protein, blood pressure and renal function, which are the most important factors to determine whether patients have uremia or not.

How can IgA Nephropathy patients avoid the occurrence of renal failure?

If 24-hour urinary protein is controlled below 0.5g and blood pressure is controlled below 130/80mmhg, the patient's renal function can be basically stable and the risk of renal failure can be controlled to a very low level. Then how to do it?

1. About food

-Control salt intake. Salt has to be eaten less, which is very helpful for treatment, not only to control blood pressure, but also to control proteinuria, as well as to make the drug work. Daily salt intake should not be over 6g, and it is better to control it into 3g.

-Restrict protein intake. No matter too much or too little protein intake is not good for health.

2. About exercises

It is incorrect to just stay in bed. You should participate in some exercises to strengthen physical condition.

3. About indexes

-For patients with proteinuria, and blood pressure above 130/80mmhg, it is generally recommended to take antihypertensive drugs. Generally, RAS blockers are preferred, which is what we call ACEI or ARBs. These drugs are known to lower blood pressure and lower urinary protein.

-For patients with protein quantification greater than 0.5g, adequate treatment with RAS blockers can achieve proteinuria remission in more than half of IgA Nephropathy patients as long as blood pressure is tolerable. For people who still cannot get less than 1g of the protein, hormone therapy can be combined.

4. About long-term management

The treatment of IgA Nephropathy is a long-term process. In order to maintain our renal function well in the lifetime, we need to manage our own disease for a long time, including life, drugs, indicators, various emergencies and other aspects.

How to avoid kidney failure for IgA Nephropathy? Now you have a clear mind. For more information, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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Hope the above information is helpful for you. If you have any other questions on kidney disease or want to get more personalized and professional treatment suggestions, please leave a message below.







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