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IgA Nephropathy

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Can IgA Nephropathy Be Controlled?

IgA Nephropathy IgA Nephropathy is one of the most common forms of chronic glomerulonephritis in the world, which has no obvious symptoms in primary. Nowadays, we have recognized the majority of IgA Nephropathy cases can progress to renal failure. Can it be controlled well?

In western medicine, there is not a standard specific treatment for IgA Nephropathy yet. Western medicine is focus on the specific symptoms, such as high blood pressure and edema. Also, there are some given medications like ACE inhibitors and ARB can help us control the symptoms above.

Generally, patients with IgA Nephropathy have to quit smoking and restrict alcohol. Proper alcohol could help blood circulation, but smoking can harm human body seriously, which could decrease the oxygen content in blood vessels.

Some daily exercise is also good to patients’ health. You can do some proper physical activities in spare time like walk, cycle or play Taichi, which could help human body stimulate the cardiovascular system and increase immunity.

The above-mentioned measures all belong to symptomatic treatment. They can remedy the symptoms rapidly, but there is nothing to eliminate the root cause. IgA immune complex still deposits in kidneys. So patients suffer from frequent relapse easily and may develop to advanced stage.

We need to find out a standard treatment which can remove IgA immune complex, rebuild the kidney function and regulate the immune system. Mirco-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, as a leading treatment for IgA Nephropathy, could treat the disease from the root. It can guarantee the effective medical substances into the lesion directly without side effects and abnormal reactions.

IgA Nephropathy is better than our imaginations. Choosing a correct treatment is the key to control it. With our characteristic Mirco-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, patients with IgA Nephropathy will have a new life. If you have interests, you could consult our online expert to get more information in detail.


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Hope the above information is helpful for you. If you have any other questions on kidney disease or want to get more personalized and professional treatment suggestions, please leave a message below.







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