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How Badly IgA Nephropathy Progress

Nobody wants their kidney disease to go into kidney failure, right? That is why a lot of patients care about their prognosis. How badly IgA Nephropathy

How Will IgA Nephropathy Stage 3B Be Treated

I was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy 5 years ago stage 3B. How will this problem be treated? Thank you. If you are with similar medical condition, this

IgA Nephropathy: Creatinine 5.5, Urea 53, Potassium 5.1, GFR 13

I have IgA Nephropathy. My creatinine is 5.5, urea 53, potassium 5.1 and GFR 13. What to do? In face of such a severe case, you may think of dialysis o

Can Getting A Tattoo Affect IgA Nephropathy

Can getting a tattoo affect IgA Nephropathy? If you are a fan of making tattoo, you may be eager to know the answer. In this article, we will tell you

IgA Nephropathy: Creatinine 2.8 and Hemoglobin 8.6

Question: I am suffering from IgA Nephropathy, an autoimmune kidney disease. My creatinine level is 2.8 and hemoglobin 8.6. How can this be cured? What

New Drugs for IgA Nephropathy Is on the Way

IgA Nephropathy is the most common glomerulonephritis in the world. And it is also a leading cause of uremia/ESRD. About 40% of IgA Nephropathy patient

IgA Nephropathy: 3 Decisive Factors Help You Avoid Kidney Failure

IgA Nephropathy (Bergers Disease) is the most common primary glomerulonephritis in young people. Its most typical symptom is hematuria, but this sympto

How to Improve Failing Kidneys for IgA Nephropathy Patients

Due to the deposition of IgA immune complexes on the kidneys, your kidneys will launch inflammation and eventually impair their function. How to improv

Nutrition Tips for Managing IgA Nephritis

Healthy eating plays an important role in all of our life, especially when we get ill. Proper diet can help control the disease, while improper diet ca

Treatment for IgA Nephropathy in 2018

2018 has come. Do your proteinuria, hematuria and swelling still persist? Do you want to get complete remission from IgA Nephropathy? In this article,

How Can I Prevent My Son with IgA Nephropathy Getting the Flu

How can I prevent my son with IgA Nephropathy getting the flu? As we all know, infections can trigger the relapse of IgA Nephropathy, so many patients

Ways to Slow or Reverse IgA Nephropathy

Question: Hello, I was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy about 8 years ago. I am interested in finding ways that I can slow or reverse it. Thanks. Answer:

How Effective Is Your Medicine for IgA Nephropathy

Question: My husband has IgA Nephropathy diagnosed last year. Took steroid last year, protein became normal for 2-3 months, now again it is 2 gm. How e

Is Lisinopril the Best Treatment for IgA Nephropathy Patients

Question: My adult daughter has IgA Nephropathy. She is being treated with 5mg Lisinopril daily. Is this the best treatment for her condition. She has

How to Reduce Protein in Urine to Save Kidneys for IgA Nephropathy Patients

Question: I was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy in 2008. My kidney function is at 37%. I need to reduce protein in urine to save my kidneys. Please sugg

IgA Nephropathy Stage 3: How to Reverse It to Higher Kidney Function

Question: I have IgA Nephropathy. I just want to ask information regarding a medicine to reverse a CKD 3 to higher percentage of kidney function. Thank

IgA Nephropathy, Creatinine 314: Is There Still Way to Avoid Dialysis

Question: My brother has IgA Nephropathy. Creatinine went up to 314. Is there still way to avoid dialysis? Answer: Your brothers creatinine level is be

IgA Nephropathy: How Long After Kidney Failure Is Death

When we get ill, we often worry about our life span, especially when the disease is incurable. How long after kidney failure is death for IgA Nephropat

Is Kamote Good for IgA Nephropathy

Kamote is also known as camote or sweet yam or sweet potato. It does not only taste delicious, but also has many benefits for your health. Is kamote go

How I Need Do to Avoid Kidney Failure with IgA Nephropathy

Question: Hi, sir/madam, I have IgA Nephropathy. I realized it about 7 years ago. Any treatment? And how I need do to avoid kidney failure? Thank you.

Can IgA Nephropathy Go on Complete Remission for Life

IgA Nephropathy or Bergers Disease is a kidney disorder caused by IgA immune complexes depositing in the glomeruli. Can IgA Nephropathy go on complete

Gastrointestinal Infection and IgA Nephropathy

Before or during the onset of IgA Nephropathy (Bergers Disease), gastrointestinal infections often occur together, leading to blood urine. Are they rel

People with IgA Nephropathy Normally Die After 10-20 Years: Is It True

Question: I have been diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy, and I heard that people with this disease normally diets after 10-20 years. Is it 100% true? Answ

Treatment Options for IgA Nephropathy

When facing IgA Nephropathy(Bergers Disease), you may wonder which treatment you should choose? And which treatment is best for your condition. Here I

What Should I Expect with IgA Nephropathy

Question: I was recently diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy. I am 20. What should I expect? Answer: IgA Nephropathy is also known as Bergers Disease. It is

Creatinine 10 and IgA Nephropathy: How to Lower It

I have IgA Nephropathy, creatinine level is at 10. What can I do to lower it? As to this question, you may think of dialysis or kidney transplant, but

IgA Nephropathy with Crescents: Is It Treatable

Is it treatable for IgA Nephropathy patients with crescent? If you are not clear about this question, go on reading this article. I think you will bene

What Is the Best Medication for IgA Nephropathy Patients

Patient: Do you have any advice what is the best medication to a person who has IgA Nephropathy? Doctor: Yes. Any symptoms? Like foamy urine, swelling,

Natural Treatment for Berger’s Disease

Bergers Disease is also known as IgA Nephropathy. Conventional treatment for this disease is steroids and immunosuppressants. In short-term, they are h

IgA Nephropathy: Is What I Am Doing Sufficient

Question: I have IgA Nephropathy and the treatment my doctor gave me is to not eat meat, no dairy fat, no oil other than extra virgin olive oil, and to